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It's a wrap

Finest Sounds was a cross sectoral and cross boarder collaboration between music companies and organisations from Estonia and Finland targeting Japan. The project took place from 2016.-2019. Hear from some of the project participants in this clip on music and connections.

Finest Sounds at Tallinn Music Week 2019

We are wrapping up Finest Sounds at Tallinn Music Week 2019. Finest Sounds program track will take place at the Creative Impact conference in Estonian Academy of Arts Friday, March 29 from 14 to 17. 

Finest Sounds Song Camp in Tallinn

In May 2018 songwriters and producers from Estonia and Finland met their counterparts in Tokyo for a song camp hosted by Sony Music Publishing Japan. Next time top-liners, songwriters and producers from Japan, Finland and Estonia will meet in Tallinn the end of January 2019.